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Trädfällning Stockholm

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Amur Maple

In the event that you need medium sized maple, pick the Amur maple.

15-20 feet high, 15-25 feet wide

A perfect small spreading shade tree to loll underneath on a mid-year’s day, the Amur maple has a full, wide crown on a multi-stemmed trunk. One of the principal trees to leaf out in the spring, it has delicately fragrant however inconspicuous yellow-white blossoms. Winged natural products (called samara) create in plenitude, handing red over mid-to pre-fall. This decision porch tree produces variable fall shading in tones of yellow, orange and red, the best happening in full-sun areas. Adjusts well to any dirt and is incredibly cool solid.

Japanese Stewartia

This special tree has year-round helpfulness.

20-40 feet high and wide

Considering this beautiful tree’s four-season helpfulness, it’s disappointing that a very few people know about this wonder. Superbly tinted bark spruces up the winter plant, white blossoms show up in July when couples of other woody plants are sprouting and fall foliage can be a delicate rosy purple, red and orange. A cousin, Korean stewartia (S. koreana), is somewhat littler, and its marginally bigger blossoms sprout for a more extended timeframe. Supply stewartias with corrosive, peaty soil and a little evening shade.

Japanese Maple

Japanese maples offer fine textural impacts and exceptional fall shading.

15-25 feet high and wide; the subgroup Dissectum is 6-12 feet high and wide

Barely any trees upgrade the scene like the Japanese maple, and couple of species come in such a large number of outlines — from the reshaped, shrubby A. palmatum var. dissectum atropurpureum to 10-to 15-foot sobbing structures to the full-sized species. Regardless of their size and shape, Japanese maples offer fine textural impacts and remarkable fall shading. Among the non-shrubby sorts, “Ozakazuki” (15-20) has brilliant green leaves that hand blood red over fall; the leaves of “Oshio beni” open red hot orange-red, age to rosy green and hand splendid red over fall.


The sourwood is a lovely four-season tree.

25-30 feet high, 20 feet wide

Planters of the Southeast may know this ridgetop local for its hanging, durable showers of fragrant blooms in June and July and its luminescent, delicate red, maroon and yellow foliage in harvest time. Include the pyramidal shape, hanging branches, thick bark, ruddy new wood and shimmery spring leaves, and you have a flawless four-season tree. Flourishes in acidic, lavishly natural soil.

Kousa Dogwood

The kousa dogwood bears lovely red natural products through fall.

20-30 feet high and wide

The blossoming dogwood (Cornus florida) merits its awards, however here’s a dogwood that is similarly as lovely with far less vulnerability to illness. The blooms (bracts, really) show up after the leaves rise. Red natural products endure through fall as the leaves turn ruddy purple. Peeling dark colored, dim and tan bark and an articulated flat stretching design on more established trees strike a sensational winter posture. Chosen cultivars stretch out winter toughness to – 20 degrees, include sobbing structures or create incredibly substantial blooms or organic product.

Sobbing Higan Cherry

To be sure of shading, purchase this cherry tree when it is in sprout.

20-40 feet high and wide

Seeing a cherry tree in blossom can enable you to overlook winter, yet pick the assortment precisely. Infections and bugs have caused numerous an early destruction. The dauntless Sargent cherry (Prunus sargentii) (Zones 4-7) achieves 20-30 feet high and wide, bearing groups of 1-1/2-inch pink blossoms, and later, purplish-dark natural product. Leaves open rosy, end up noticeably gleaming dim green, at that point hand maroon over fall. The sobbing Higan cherry may have pink or white sprouts; to be sure of shading, purchase the tree when it is in blossom. In colder climes (Zones 2-6) attempt the Amur chokeberry (P. maackii), which grows 35-45 feet high and wide and produces its foamy white blossoms after the leaves show up. Natural product is red, handing dark over pre-fall. Its lustrous red-darker bark looks staggering in the snow.

Trident Maple

Trident maples are brilliant little garden trees.

25-35 feet high, 15-25 feet wide

Superb little yard tree. An adjusted, clean shelter, three-lobed leaves that turn yellow, orange and red in fall and shedding, multi-hued bark. New leaves open bronzy to purple in spring, developing to lustrous, dull green. Generally bug free. Look at variegated structures.

American Yellowwood

Fragrant white blossoms sprout on this tree in spring.

30-50 feet high, 40-55 feet wide

Not a little tree, but rather no goliath either. Panicles of fragrant, white blooms in pre-summer and brilliant green foliage that turns yellow in fall. A pink-bloomed frame, “Rosea,” is additionally accessible.

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