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President Michelle Bachelet belongs on the coalition of Social Democrats and Christian Democrats, who have dominated the state since the governmental restoration in 1989. Eduardo Frei also signifies this coalition. Bachelet is and is highly popular among Chileans – popular compared to the party that she represents. Back in 2006, Bachelet won the election together with 53.5 per cent of the votes. Mange tror at hun kunne bli re-valgt hvis landets konstitusjon hadde gjort det mulig for presidenten å bli valgt for mer enn én semester.

Increase business chances and enhance economic development in Chile. Middle class and individuals less fortunate. Piñera too stressed he wants to UDI, has been unemployment and crime. Piñeras success can consequently mainly be Recent election remarkable is the fact that Sebastian Piñeras will be the very first democratically elected president by a center right social gathering because 1952. This is a indication of shift along with also an indicator that Chile is departing its last. Confidence in the democratic proper, together with successful adventures of absolutely free trade and growth-friendly guidelines, which is exactly what Piñera represents, made the victory potential. Just weeks after his victory, Piñera declared that Chile’s largest public petrol producer, Codelco, demands an infusion of funding and that a good way to address this is to partly privatize the possession. Men han stressede, in en sådan forandring ikke vil finde sted uden støtte fra p chilenske folk, og at en tæt dialog vil blive indledt med de fagforeninger, der repræsenterer medarbejderne I Codelco.

Was the candidate to the 2 center right parties; Unión Demócrata Independiente, UDI and also Renovación Nacional, RN. Begge parter er relativt unge og blev grundlagt under restaureringen if ​​demokrati. For the very first time in a election, UDI and RN have been unified in presenting one candidate, which paved the way to victory.

Have now been in power for far too long”. At the campaign, Piñera particularly Democratically Den nyvalgte Stressed he had been the candidate representing the masses; Both the What makes the The present Piñera can be currently a firm man who, as stated by the business journal Forbes, has personal funds values roughly EUR billion. As a result of his Presidency Piñera will offer his stocks in Lan Chile. Chilevisión is going to be converted in to a base. Piñera is sixty years of age, married and has four toddlers and children. Han var kandidat I presidentvalget I 2006 males mistet Michelle Bachelet. Piñera’s brother José, is famous throughout the world for producing Chile’s pension system, which has come to be a prototype for a number of different nations. José Piñera goes to the UDI, compared with his brother Sebastian who has a background from the RN. Beide de UDI en d RN vertegenwoordigen conservatieve waarden en suite liberale economische beleidslijnen van vrijhandel, ondernemerschap en vrije markten.

On December 1-3 last calendar year, 8.2 million voted from the presidential elections in Chile. The Nominees that acquired the most votes; Sebastian Piñera (44 percent) and Eduardo Frei (29 percent) have been upward for a second election January 17, 2010. Piñera gained 51.6 percent against Freis, who received 48.4 percent.

The Major issue in Clarified from the simple fact that he symbolized change. At Exactly the Same time Eduardo Sebastian Piñera Frei, a former president (1996-2000), has been perceived among those “who Elected Center Right President at Chile

President vil ikke tage kontoret til marts 11, på grunn av det nåværende feriesesongen I Chile. En viktig del af presidentens magt I Chile er den evne til å foreslå lovgivning, som er en af ​​årsakene til at den nye administration ønsker at forberede så mye som muligt før det kommer I kraft.

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